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5 things you should pack in your carry-on bag

November 4th, 2011 No Comments

1.  Dark Chocolate

You know you’ll be tempted by the sweets around every corner.  Pack a dark chocolate bar with over 60% cocoa and have at it on the plane without guilt.

2.  Cashmere sweater/wrap

You’re too smart to use the nasty airline blanket.  I can attest planes are freezing these days so be prepared.

3.  Mascara

Somehow it always comes off in-flight; reapply when you land if you’re meeting up with people.

4.  The Economist

Before the density puts you to sleep, you’ll learn something relevant.

5. Your darkest sunglasses

When you want to sleep, they’re much more comfortable than a sleep mask.  I wear them during daytime flights when the streaming light is unbearable.

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