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$25 for a $50 gift card at Target

November 5th, 2011 8 Comments

Click here to purchase! Happy shopping.

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  • Gomi

    This is not for a $50 gc at target.

  • beth

    it isnt for $50 to target. it’s $25 for $25 to target and $50 for some restaurant website.

    • The total is $35 and you get $50 at target and $25 at restaurant.com

  • beth

    not trying to be argumentative, but where do you see that? the only deal I’m seeing is pay $25 for $25 to target and $50 to restaurant.com… that’s even what it says in the text of the link you posted in the comments above.

    • Not at all beth.

      And I know this is unbelievable, but the text was different when I read it originally. I went back and check the first email they sent me. But you are correct, it says $25 for a $25 gift card and $50 to Restaurant.com which is totally different. What I bought from the first email was different.

      Apologies for the confusion. Admittedly half off depot is new to the game, but they are pretty much the only site I purchase from because their deals are so good.

  • MAC

    I also was a victim of this bait and switch. I didn’t know what Restaurant.com was (and now that I do, I’m not at all impressed) and would not have paid $25 for a $25 Target gift card. I bought a $50, and Half Off Depot changed the deal on me.

    What’s more is that I bought two of them because they were such a great deal. After a lot of folderol, I finally got the cards. One has $25 on it, and the other has $1. I’m so mad I could spit. Half Off Depot owes me $74, and I’m going to press them for it.

    • Wow, really?!!! That’s terrible!!! If I would have known I would obviously have never publicized it.

      I’ve had such a good experience with them in the past.

      I haven’t registered to get my card yet. Will do ASAP and tweet about this!!!