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Need some extra holiday spending money??

November 9th, 2011 1 Comment

Gold Buying Girl will gladly pay you the best price for your old gold jewelry you don’t wear anymore.  Amy, the founder of GBG, just posted this pic on her blog and wrote:

One of my GBG’s decided to take these rings to a competitor.  You know the ones with the signs that are dancing on every street corner.  Gold Buying Girl offered $575.69 and G&S Buyers offered $450.  That’s over 20% more.  That could be a pair of shoes!

I’ll take the cash thank you!!!

Plus I don’t know about you, but those store seem creepy to me…

Anyway, if you want to sell Amy your gold, email me, and I’ll hook you up!

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  • Thanks for the great review Mary! We appreciate the reference. GBG loves to make others happy by giving them the best deal ;)
    Also, let girls know to reach out to me if they’re interested in becoming part of our Gold Buying Girl consultant team!