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So…this is what I’m dealing with right now

November 15th, 2011 9 Comments

I have no idea what the H is going on with my face right now.  I mean, I have clear skin 99.9% of the time.  My best guess is that the quick onset of humidity in Houston and work stress did this to me.

Now I’m dealing with a breakout of epic proportions.  That red spot on the side of my nose is actually a knot the size of my pinky.  And it huuuuuurrrrts.

Yesterday I went to a random med spa in a panic.  The dermatologist (an actual doctor) sold me “prescription” products by Glycone:  a night cream to mix with a benzoyl peroxide gel and a bleach to take away the redness and keep the spots from turning brown.  I also have an antibiotic to fill today that she claims will clear my skin up in a day.  Total cost: $160.  I also need to buy a salicylic acid wash.  Thinking either Skin Ceuticals or PTR.  I really want the Rodan + Fields system, but I’m holding out for the Anti-aging regimen, not the Blemish line.

We’ll see what happens.  Make up is no match for these guys so I’ll be staying home as long as possible.

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  • Jose Grinan

    Please check the bath and shower products you use. Have you tried anything new lately? If so, check to see if it has quaternium or polyquaternium in them. I had a similar episode with my face several years ago. But I had open lesions under both eyes and rashes/spots on eyelids and forehead. Now, I check all new products… cause a Baylor skin allergy test came up positive for quaternium. Now my face, and other parts I will not name are okay.
    I just wanted to pass this on… ’cause I didn’t know anything about it until I had the allergy test.
    Hope all turns out well with your skin.

    • Thanks for the input Jose.

      The herbal oils in Aveda products make me break out, but I haven’t been using anything new recently.

  • Rober Kalati

    Hello Mary, I am going to a real estate seminar at the avery fisher hall in the lincoln center. I want to take photographs of the event and the people there for my new web site. What is your advise ? What is good etiquet .. do I ask for permission befor taking photos is it rude to just show up at an event and take pictures ? Please advise .. with Gratitude .. Robert Kalati

  • Sarah

    OMG Mary! So sorry! This happened to me awhile back (pre-accutane) and I used Mario Badescu healing stuff (the pink bottle) on the cystic bumps I had. It is only $19 bucks and a total dream. It cleared those puppies up in a day.

    Fingers crossed they go away soon.


  • Mary, Did your fave get better in a day as promised? Did you end up liking the products? What ended up working? I am dealing with my own breakout at the moment and can completely understand wanting to stay at home! I rushed and got a vitalize peel yesterday…waiting for my skin to start falling off now :)

    • Ouch Jennifer!

      The products prescribed by the Dermotologist worked, but as I continued to use them, they seem to have lost their power.

      I think I just need a good old fashioned facial….which we should really get once a month.

      My next skin investment will be a Botox refill and Restylane under my eyes along with the new Rodan + Fields products I’ll buy from my friend Andrea. They’re pretty amazing in terms of smoothing skin texture.

  • Marlene

    I have NO idea how you became a model. You have the ugliest knees I have ever seen. Your undereyes tell me your oh…about 45, 50?
    AND No. The Clarisonic does not cause wrinkles. If you can blow 200 bucks on a facial brush and then just “ditch” it you are a dumb, rich bitch.
    Act your fuckin age, stop dressing in teenagers clothes.

  • Hi Mary,
    Have you tried SkinMedica? I’m on week two after having the vitalize peel using strictly the products. And I’m loving the results. I did spend way too much and some of the products are made with baby foreskin. But I’m almost sold that its the way to go – I’ve wasted mad cash on tons and tons of different creams – that accumulate under my sink.

    PS I love your blog, I’m a misplaced Houston girl who misses home. And I think your knees are lovely.