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Smile Friday: Reader appreciation edition

November 18th, 2011 2 Comments


Yesterday two readers reminded me why l love blogging.

Karen, clad in a super cute lululemon outfit, came up to say hello at the gym and said, “I recognized you instantly.” I responded, “it must be my green workout pants.” Of course it was! She then went on to explain how she just moved from NYC. There was something about her that I clci

My new friend Margaret Ellen (above) has been reading for a few weeks now and loves to comment on the blog when we get together. She was all over that zit post! She said, “your face looks much better now than it did in that picture. Wow.” Yeah…it was pretty bad. And the worst part is that now it’s spreading to my chin :(

Anyway, your comments and enthusiasm make me glad I’m able to keep up with the blog. Thanks for always saying hello and staying in touch.

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  • Fred Grott

    Mary can I be your spell checker?

    Apprecit Ation is different from Appre ciation…

    • Would absolutely appreciate a spell checker!