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It’s hard to find facial balance

November 22nd, 2011 2 Comments

Thought I’d give you a little update on my face that was under siege last week.

For the last 7 days I’ve been playing defense with the prescriptive treatment cremes.  They worked like a charm without the antibiotics.  As most of you predicted, now my face is dry, so, I’m ditching the acne creme and going back to my regular routine.

What I need to do is find a way to exfoliate my skin without drying it out.  The Clairsonic brush was working wonders, but then I lost the charger.  Now I’m hearing rumors that the circular motion causes wrinkles, so I’m thinking about ditching it altogether.  Apparently there is a new brush that wiggles so it doesn’t loosen your skin.  Anyone know what I’m referring to?

My best bet is to head back to the Peter Thomas Roth buffing beads cleanser I loved last year.  What I REALLLY want is the new Rodan + Fields anti-aging regimen ($334 every 6 months).  I love this product so much because it smooths out your skin and reduces the size of your pores – two things Botox can’t do.  I’ve used it on my hands and saw a difference instantly that lasted for days. The Ahava products I use feel amazing to the touch, but haven’t changed the texture of my skin drastically.

What to do, what to do….

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  • Amanda Z

    Wait a second! The clarisonic causes wrinkles? I’ve not heard this! Please elaborate! I use mine at least 3 times a week – ack!

    • I know, crazy right?! I’m investigating further.