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Sub squash for starch in your feast

November 23rd, 2011 1 Comment


Butternut squash is the perfect base to use instead of russet or sweet potatoes in your already carb-heavy Thanksgiving buffet.

Cut up a whole squash into small cubes. Boil them and purée with butter, agave, and cinnamon to replace yams. Above I took the savory route by roasting a large chopped squash with a sliced sweet onion, EVOO, salt, pepper, and dried herbs until overly tender. Then I simply puréed it with water and a little agave. Next time, I’ll roast apples in the mix too!

If I didn’t catch you in time to make the switch for Thanksgiving, try this easy and healthy option in your next fall meal. This would pair perfectly with a pork loin.

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  • Jim B

    Super recipe!

    Thanks for sharing and have a safe and fun holiday/