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My plan of attack for a healthy holiday.

November 28th, 2011 4 Comments

If life isn’t hectic enough, now we’re going to add holiday chaos in the mix.

With everything going on, we can find a legitimate excuse NOT to exercise.  But if we’re being honest, exercise can be the key to our sanity, not to mention waistline maintenance, when everything seems crazy and caloric.

So, in an effort to stay on track, I’m committing to my usual 6 days of at least 1 hour of exercise and a few diet guidelines.

First, I’ll define exercise as getting my heart rate up and breaking a sweat for an hour.  Therefore guys, golf just won’t cut it.

To keep on this schedule, I’ve hired a new trainer to work out with twice a week, will teach spin twice a week, and I’ll do yoga twice a week.  If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford the trainer, I suggest:

  • Getting 2 friends to join in.  This way, the workout is fun and you are financially motivated.
  • Put group fitness classes on your calender.
  • Carve out an hour for a fitness DVD at home.

The point here is to be accountable and let someone else do the thinking so you can focus on the work.

We all know exercise isn’t enough to stay healthy, so I’ve also committed to a dietary checklist for each day:

  • 1 8oz fresh veggie juice a day ($3.99 at the grocery store)
  • 1 protein shake a day
  • 1 palm sized dessert (can be anything or multiple sweets divided amongst lunch, snack, and dinner)
  • No unnecessary bread
  • 2 cocktails/wine/beer (optional)

The Isagenix protein shake I like is filling, packed with vitamins, and sweet, so that takes care of a meal or snack.  The veggie juice will be a snack that serves as a substitute for the fresh veggies that have been replaced with roasted in my meals.  My usual diet usually involves dessert, but of the healthier variety (gluten free, no processed sugar, etc).  No one else I know bakes like that so I’m being realistic on that one.  Otherwise, everything else will stay the same, which is generally really healthy anyway. You know I hate food from a box and needless sauces.

Hangovers have been haunting me lately after only a couple drinks so I have a major incentive to go easy on the booze.

Plus, I taught spin then indulged in a basket of chicken fingers and fries with multiple beers watching the Texans game, so I’m thinking I’m ready for this holiday regimen.

You have a plan or just going to wing it?

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  • Amy

    My plan is similar to yours…at least an hour of exercise 6 days a week and less sweets. I need to get a grip on the sweets….:)

  • Jess

    What veggie juice do you buy?

    • I buy the fresh squeezed green juice from central market or I have them make me a spinach, kale, cucumber, and green apple at whole foods.

  • LOVE Isagenix as well! It has curbed my cravings. In the morning I throw in some Macha green tea powder with my vanilla.