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Why buy when you could DIY like Creative Brit?

December 7th, 2011 No Comments

Brit Morin‘s new blog, Creative Brit (at www.hellobrit.com), takes DIY to it’s cutest!  She’s concocted the perfect blend of Martha Stewart and Real Simple avoiding Rachel Ray at every turn (thank you lady).  Brit’s concepts are clever, attainable, and enjoyable to read.

Pictures of Brit are scattered around the site, and I can tell you first hand, she’s as cute as she looks.  Plus, she’s smart; like reeeeally smart.  As the newly-wed bride of ex-facebook exec and Path founder Dave Morin, you have to be intelligent.  Dave is one of those guys who will have your jaw on the floor within minutes of talking.  The way he deconstructs a scenario from every angle is unbelievable. Over the last year, I’ve hung out with Brit a couple of times, and she’s always the brightest light in the room.  They make an awesome couple.

Ok, off you go now to discover Creative Brit for yourself.  Enjoy it; I know you will!




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