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The “don’t be a kitty” workout

December 12th, 2011 No Comments


This is Kitty and I.


This is Kitty and I after an hour ass-kicking with Meredith, the owner of Level 10 Fitness in Manhattan Beach, CA.

For the past few days I’ve been getting my cardio and lifting workouts in her circuit program she has set up in a “garage” workout room. For each session about 10-12 people show up to see what she or Lindsey has in store for them. The exercises vary from squats, push ups, presses, crunches, burpies, hill runs outside, Jacob’s ladder, etc. Kind of like cross fit, but more fun. She has cultivated a great group of people that bring a friendly motivation and witty banter. Hence the “Don’t be a kitty” mantra we made up as I was dying on the Andyne bike (don’t be deceived by it’s vintage physique!) And finally, the workout changes every time! You know I love that.

I wish I could incorporate her routine into my regimen at least twice a week.

If you’re in the Manhattan Beach area, absolutely go see Meredith at Level 10. For questions you can call 310-802-888 or email Meredith@level10la.com

I’ve got a card here for a free class so your first one should be no charge! No excuses now :) Hit it!!! And don’t be late or push ups are your fate!

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