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One thing to consider when you’re holiday shopping and baking

December 19th, 2011 No Comments

Ask yourself this: Do your friends and family really need MORE stuff?

I know I don’t.

It’s one thing when you find the perfect present you know will really enrich someone’s life or you can help them with something they need, but it’s another to buy something just so you’ll have something to hand over.

If you find yourself buying STUFF just to buy STUFF, which I have caught myself doing several times, I think we should put our money towards helping others and our time should be spent with the people we love, not hunting for stuff that will pass as a gift.

Let’s give the gift of life!

Doesn’t that sound awesome?! To put it simply, water is the key to life and there are several organizations going to great lengths to bring water to communities without a single drop of clean water.

  • Living Water works to build wells all over the world. Advent Conspiracy is the Christian movement I donate to that helps support it.
  • Water Forward – Charity Water’s new social media movement where you only need to pay $10 per friend to get them involved.  Then they “pay it forward” to their friends. (Watch the video on the site; it’s pretty amazing how far the movement can go.)

I’ve participated in both and will be giving water on behalf of my friends instead of giving stuff and baking needless cookies.  Baked goods are another killer of not only waistlines, but also our time.  Instead of spending hours in the kitchen, commit that time to your family and friends while they’re around.

I am grateful to have been reminded of these basic messages yesterday in church.  We don’t need more stuff.  I can give life instead.  That is the spirit of the holiday.

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