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How to set up your spin bike

January 9th, 2012 No Comments

Anyone decide to take up spinning for the new year??

Whether or not your a beginner or a seasoned rider, you should know how to set up your indoor spinning bike so that you can utilize it safely and efficiently.

In this video I give you the basics on how to maximize an INDOOR bike.  You’ll notice I don’t set Becky up to train for an outdoor ride.  My philosophy is that you can maneuver on an indoor bike in so many ways to strengthen your muscles and condition your body that you cannot on an outdoor bike.  TAKE ADVANTAGE.  Use a full range of motion to stand tall to isolate your quads, ride long and low to turn on your guts and hamstrings, and keep your chest high to keep your core engaged.  Video on this to come.  For now, just set yourself up comfortably!

Beginners read more here on how to get started.

Once you realize how much you enjoy riding, please invest the $100 in pair of cycling shoes. It makes a world of difference in the ride, your efficiency and strength, and most importantly on your body mechanics.

As you may or may not know, I’ve been teaching “spinning” (indoor cycling is more appropriate as I don’t teach Jonny G) for 5 years and riding for 10.  My style is that of Soul Cycle in NYC, where I taught for 3 as a means to earn much needed cash while living on the little island.  The problem is when I left New York and LA, I was left without a group of riders who have the same energy and enthusiasm (and rhythm) so I continue to teach in Houston to carry on my coastal style.

I’m not going to lie, finding a good teaching is probably the hardest part about spinning.  Hopefully you’ll find someone you click with and gives you more than just a means to burn calories. The catharsis in the exercise is so much more rewarding.

If you’re in NYC or LA, try to ride with one of these instructors.  Worth every penny for the physical and mental challenge!

  • Stacy, Laurie, Melanie at Soul Cycle in NYC (multiple locations)
  • Colin Kim teaches at both Equinox Weho and Updog Fitness
  • Reilly (above with a huge smile after kicking my butt) is at both locations as well
  • Keith Irace and Eileen O’Connell only teach at Equinox Weho

** Equinox classes require advance sign up online

*** I am LOVING the super soft sweat pants I bought at Updog last time I was there.

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