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Re: My flat stomach

January 16th, 2012 2 Comments

I work VERY hard for my slim figure and flat stomach. With a healthy and indulgent diet along with consistent exercise, I maintain it.

With the hope of helping those who struggle, I share my experiences and insecurities. That being said, I would never call myself “fat.”

I’ve found readers of my blog see my enjoyment of a healthy lifestyle as inspiring.  My lifestyle doesn’t look bad because it isn’t.  I derive emotional balance, a positive attitude, increased energy, physical strength, a toned figure, improved organ function, increased immunity, overall happiness, and hopefully a longer life from a clean diet and regular exercise.

But I’m still human.  Life is a struggle for me too.  I still beat myself up, have bad days, aspire to look better, dream of the future. And you might not agree with all of it, but what friend do you have that you agree with EVERYTHING they do or feel?

I hope people take what they can from the blog. If they disagree, great!  I’ve allowed them to materialize an opinion.  If they find something helpful, even better!  That’s my goal.  I really don’t have any other motivation to blog than to help people discover new things.

UPDATE: Comments from my tumblr readers

Yay! So happy to hear it always :) Your notes and emails keep me going. Thanks!

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  • amy

    I use your blog to find new exercises when I get bored with my routine. I think you have a healthy attitude to working out and staying healthy, but I think the cleanses are expensive nonsense. Eating real food is better for your body.

  • Mary – I think you’re such a health inspiration! I’ll never forget the day, after writing a blog post of dairy free foods and talking about some exercise tips I adore, that an anonymous post alleged that I had “signs of a bulimic lifestyle”. I’m 5’9″ and a healthy weight for my height – FAR FROM THESE ALLEGATIONS. People will say anything to make themselves feel better. You’re stunning and your healthy lifestyle kicks me in the butt to take action!