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This 3 Day BluePrint Cleanse will be a breeze!

January 17th, 2012 3 Comments


I can’t remember the last I did an actual BluePrint Cleanse.  Over the last few years, I’ve been testing their competition.  On my last cleanse, I tried to DIY it with juice from an expert juicer, but that was a struggle. (Click here for a post with all of my notes on cleansing.)

One sip of the BPC green juice this morning and I realize these next 3 days will be a breeze!  The green juice tastes sweet, like apple juice, as opposed to the bitter veggie blend I’ve been buying at Central Market and the broccoli crap they started pressing at Whole Foods.

Yay!  I was nervous for a second….seriously.  Cleansing is always a mental challenge for me.

Well, I’m off.  Juice in tow.  Next is the Pineapple Mint, sooooo good.

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  • sandeep sharma

    My diet needs help.
    I wish you could post your exact grocery list for a week, so I know exactly what to get, and eat from 1 day to the next.

    • I shop for the recipes I make, but I do have a staples list. I’ll post on Thursday, MTM food day.

      Thanks for the comment and suggestion Sandy!

  • The green juice tasted sweet? Wow it looks terrible! I’ve been searching for a knockoff recipe of so far no luck.