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“So You Can Rest Medicine” for the Airplane

January 27th, 2012 10 Comments

Right now I am struggling to move through this morning due to some sort of sleeping pill hangover.

Last night I took an Advil PM so I could fall sleep at a reasonable hour.  This little pill didn’t put me to sleep, it knocked me the F out for 12 hours!

As I plan my escape to the other side of the world next week, I’m wondering what I should bring with me so I can sleep peacefully for 8 hours and NOT feel like this when I wake up.  Jet lag is hard enough without this added element!

Going to London and China I used Ambien which worked well.  But on one trip to London, it failed to knock me out, and I had to suffer with a massive headache for the 11 hour flight.  While in living in London, I bought some over-the-counter sleep aids which are JUST the right dosage, but they sell them in the US unfortunately.  Back in the day when I hoped the pond several times a year I had a nice little stash, but that is long gone.

Lunesta is the other one people like.  I’ve heard Valium from others.  Tylenol PM never works for me at home so I don’t see how it could be effective on a plane.

I’m the kind of person who hates taking pills, especially ones that aren’t natural.  I usually don’t even take an aid when I get a headache.So, this is a predicament for me. 

Any thoughts??? What works for you??  Please share in the comments below!  Thank you in advance :)

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  • Amy

    Ambien has to be taken on an empty stomach, so you might try it again. Advil PM is just Advil and Benedryl, which is only active for a few hours.

  • Ceg

    Try straight melatonin. You can get it anywhere, it is natural and is mostof the time where the vitamins are. If it is a 25 mg tab try half of it one night and see how you do if it dosent help then try the full tab. I like that better than all the others bc it is a chemical your body makes itself! Hope it works!

  • Christine

    I used to live in Hawaii for several years, traveling back and forth to the East coast several times a year. I swore by Ambien. Any type of OTC sleep meds give me that “hangover” groggy feeling. With the Ambien… right to sleep and wide awake in the morning.
    Make sure you have 7 hours to sleep.

  • Amy

    I have had some problems sleeping for almost 2 years now. I can’t offer any advice because nothing has worked for me. Even Ambien did not work and left me feeling like my head was in a fog until lunchtime. You’ll have to let us know what you decide!

  • Laura

    I’ve tried all of the sleep remedies and here is the absolute best I’ve found (and it’s natural!). Try the drink Neuro Sleep: http://drinkneuro.com/products/sleep It sounds crazy that a simple drink can put you right out, but it works! If you need a boost getting your thoughts to stop running, then pair it with this great sleep meditation CD from Gaiam: http://www.gaiam.com/product/sleep+cd.do

  • Hey Mary – Before I went to Australia I had the same concerns about sleeping on planes. I used melatonin like commenter above, a natural hormone that your body produces to make you sleepy, and an over the counter, Target brand sleeping pill. I take one of both right after they serve dinner and I am out until just about breakfast, no hangover. I continued to take melatonin at bedtime once in Australia for a few days and I had minimal/no jetlag. I did the same thing on my next trip to Europe and had no jetlag at all! Have fun!

  • Try Tylenol’s simply sleep. I have a friend who swears by it and I used it once with no major side effects.

  • Annie

    Hi Mary – I tried Dream Water on a recent flight from Chicago to Hawaii, and only slept for 2 hours! http://www.drinkdreamwater.com/
    I swear by Dramamine because it puts me to sleep and reduces my motion sickness on the plane. 2 pills and I’m out for at least 4 hours, but not so tired I can’t be roused. Good luck and safe travels!

  • I prefer melatonin. It’s the most natural sleep aid I guess (other than not taking anything of course).

  • Trazodone. I was in a similar predicament: over the counter pills would knock me out, causing me to feel groggy the next day. The doctor prescribed this for me, and it’s great. I wake up alert and ready to go, and I only take it as needed. It’s not addictive at all.