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My lunch tastes like dirt

January 30th, 2012 3 Comments


I finally found a totally natural and organic protein shake. I should have known that “Improved taste” means “Still nasty but we can’t work miracles with these ingredients.”

It’s nasty. Absolutely gross.

But! I’m trying to improve it. I use only one scoop of the powder with water and ice, Blueberries help. Banana and strawberries surprisingly not so much. One day I got fed up and threw in turbinado sugar. I now add the spinach because it can’t make the taste any worse.

Next up: pineapple juice or coconut water. But both of those are hard to find fresh.

Hope your lunch is more appetizing!

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  • Ellen

    Hi Mary,
    Just wondering if you use this as a meal replacement/to lose weight?
    What do you think about the brand Amazing Grass?
    I’m just trying to decide on which one to buy – probably based on taste :)

    • No, not to lose weight, it’s like my multi-vitamin. And as I said, it tastes like dirt :(

      I try to eat every 2 hours so this is just one of the meals and I tolerate it.

      I’ve never tried amazing grass. Truth be told, I don’t really like packaged concoctions, but when I saw this one as Vegan and Raw, I went for it.

      My mom LOVES the Isagenix program to shed extra pounds, but it’s far from “natural.” BUT it works for her.

      Best of luck!!!

  • That looks really, really disgusting. You’re way more dedicated than I am!