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Managing your diet without being on a diet

February 1st, 2012 No Comments


Since you are always curious about how I maintain my figure, I thought I’d offer you this insight:

Make your own lunch and take it with you ANYWHERE.

Right now I’m eating this blend of leftovers in my car before I head into a meeting.  I’ll pack little meals like this for plane rides, road trips, and days like today when I’m all over the city.  This way I don’t eat crap because it’s my only option.

I’ve found most people only take their lunch to the office, but eat at restaurants or just what’s available when they’re on the go.   Very generally speaking, these options aren’t the healthiest unless you’ve planned your lunch spot or have healthy snacks available.

When I takes these meals to go, I make sure to incorporate:

  • Something green (spinach, romaine, broccoli) that will maintain its freshness
  • Something filling (quinoa, brown rice, sweet potato chips)
  • Protein (chicken, nuts, side of almond butter)
  • Healthy sweet (dark chocolate, whole grain cookie, vegan cookie, chocolate gnu bar)
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