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Back to reality

February 21st, 2012 3 Comments


Trying to pull myself back together and reconnect today….The morning started at 4am! Being in Asia for 2 weeks will understandably get your body clock messed up. (Cool pic right?! It’s hanging in the W resort on Koh Samui gym. Yes, I did work out on vacation! But at my leisure. Felt great honestly.)

Only days ago I was on the beach on the other side of the world! That’s hard to believe right now. What my eyes saw and ears heard only yesterday are so extremely different…Worlds away seems to be an understatement. That has more to do with the culture than the tropical paradise. But it was nice :)


I’m taking this week to pull myself off the beach and back to work with my clients. It’s actually fun to get back in the swing of things with a refreshed spirit and clear head.

I’ll get back on the blog on Monday and tell you about my two weeks of Asian adventures.

Have a great week!

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  • joella

    Mary, glad you enjoyed your vaca. I was wondering where you got the bikini in that photo? I have a similar body type and would like to check it out for this summer.

    • Bikinis are tricky. Sometimes I’m willing to spend, other times, not so much.

      Thankfully, per usual, target has swooped in to fill in the gaps.

      The top is from Target (which they have in at least 10 colors) and the bottoms are from Zingara.

      For this trip I actually shopped Victoria’s Secret clearance and found some really cute stuff for super cheap! I figured if I only wore them once, no big deal.

      Otherwise I love Accessorize (a cheap British chain) for these Missoni-esque knits that run about $30 a piece.

      I’m always on the hunt for the unique suit while also lusting after Pucci and Eres.

      Zingara is a good place to start. Vix.com has some cool stuff as well. Then fill in with Target and VS basics.

  • Rachel

    When did you get breast implants?