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Shout out and thanks to reader Emily

February 22nd, 2012 1 Comment

Emily came up to me in Whole Foods yesterday, timidly, to ask if I was Mary of the blog she reads regularly. Apparently in my spandex pants and Uggs with a sweaty ponytail I’m “unmistakeable.” haha. I love that!

She was so sweet to express her appreciation and enjoyment of the blog, especially the fitness videos. You have to know that just makes my day because I do put so much effort into the content.

She admitted to finding my blog via Alice’s blog (GOMI), which is fine by me. A good portion of you started reading from Gawker references back in the NYC days. Whatever the case, however you find me, I’m just glad you find MTM useful once you get here.

Emily, you should also know, I tried Blast today on your recommendation. You’re right! It’s an awesome workout. I’ll blog about it Monday. Another thanks to you!

As for now I’m headed home after a long day.

Looking forward to reconnecting on Monday!

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  • emily Olsen

    thanks- loved meeting you. cannnot wait to hear what you thought about blast-
    have fun!