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Blast off 900 calories in 1 hour?!

February 27th, 2012 14 Comments

That’s the “promise” of Blast900, a group fitness studio that will truly push you to your max.  I went to the Atlanta location on a recommendation from reader Emily and loved the workout! (Even if I didn’t hit 900 calories.) And you know I am one tough critic when it comes to fitness.

The class takes place in one small room: two walls are lined with treadmills and the middle is filled with decks that serve as your workout bench and stair step.  For the hour, you do intervals on the treadmill walking, jogging, or sprinting on different inclines according to your fitness level.  On the floor you do squats, step ups, presses, and crunches with HEAVY weights because you don’t have time to do a lot of reps.

You never have to guess what to do because the instructor is leading both groups naming specific inclines, speeds, and weights.  It’s AMAZING how she is able to keep track of it all!  An assistant will refill your water and help you along the way.

Overall, it’s a killer workout if you push yourself.  You are ultimately in control of your speed and weight so you have to be honest with what you choose. For those of us who are in really good shape, this is a great exchange for your cardio day.  Moderate to beginners will find it serves for a cardio or lifting day.

There locations in Atlanta as well as Nashville, Charleston, Charlotte, and Birmingham.

Thanks to Emily for the intro and instructor Cathy O’Meara (one tough momma) for the butt-kicking workout.

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  • Christine

    There is a similar concept down here in Florida called Orange Theory Fitness. Same exact thing. I’ve been wanting to try it. Do you this will be a long term fitness brand or more of a trend? Curious about your opinion on this.

    • Good question Christine!

      I hope the high intensity interval training becomes a trend. I know that many gyms have tried to incorporate a treadmill into their group fitness, but I haven’t seen anyone do it successfully. By having a studio solely dedicated to this, it allows the instructors to have enough space to do the sprints and weights properly.

      I wouldn’t call Blast glamorous, kinda like Soul Cycle when it first started. Which to me, means it’s at it’s finest. They do a really good job giving everyone attention and making sure the room is safe.

      Well done Missi!

  • Hi Mary!!
    My name is Missi Wolf and I am the owner and founder of BLAST900 THE ULTIMATE WORKOUT!! It is such an honor that you came to our studio and experienced the most efficient way to get your workout in! Emily is a great friend and a devoted BLASTEE, and she has been getting us all to follow your wonderful blog!! Next time you are in Atlanta please come by and try BLAST again, as one of the many beauties of the workout is that is is ALWAYS DIFFERENT, so whatever you experienced with Cathy on Monday (and yes she is a ROCK STAR), the next time you come in it will be completely different, same concept 30 minutes on the tread and 30 minutes of strength resistance on the floor but different equipment and different blocks!!! Thanks for promoting women who are entrepreneurs and just being you!!
    Yours in health and wellness,

    • Missi,

      It was my pleasure to attend! I rarely find a group fitness class that satisfies me in terms of intensity and instruction. Cathy exceeded my expectations on both levels.

      As for Emily, the girl needs to start a blog for Buckhead recommending her favorite things!

  • Vickie

    I am an Atlanta friend of Emily’s and have been doing Blast 900 for 3 years in Atlanta since they opened. Experts say the secret to burning fat and calories is interval training, getting your heart rate up high, then bringing it back down and getting it back up again continually through out the workout block. Blast 900 works, if you have something similar in Florida, take advantage of it!

  • Cathy O’Meara

    Woo Hoo! I soooo appreciate the shout-out.

    You and your readers are welcome any time. Be sure to let me know you read about it here. And, anyone that wants to ensure you hit 900 calories, just let me know. You will!



    • Thanks again Cathy, I really enjoyed the workout.

      For those of you fans of Blast, check out my fitness how to’s and videos for new exercises you can incorporate and challenge yourself within your personal workout. Toning is my specialty!

      Click here to see my latest:

  • Kara Mylod

    Blast is awesome!! So glad you checked it out. Flywheel just opened last week! You should come in for a class the next time youre in town! I am actually working there so email me if you have any questions!! http://www.flywheelsports.com (PS – Cathy will be an instructor at flywheel as well because she’s that awesome!)

    • I’m excited to try Flywheel, but their methodology is the opposite of mine. Surprising, because it was started by Ruth, one of the founders of Soul Cycle who taught me so much when I was starting out.

  • Lindsay

    Please let us know when you expect it to be open in Nashville? I have been checking the website for 5 months…and I really wish it said something more than just “coming in 2012”. I will glad start promoting to my friends if I knew of at least a season it was going to be open. I am so excited for it to come…but exhausted about always trying to figure out if it’s open yet every month.

  • Sara Yengle

    Another Barry’s Bootcamp rip off- but without the sexy branding and long history. Ill pass.

    • Trust me when I tell you Sara, BLAST900 is nothing like Barry’s! The treadmill training is so much more intense. The incline goes up to 30!! And the blocks of exercise are different too. You just need to see for yourself. The first class is free :)

  • Sara, can’t find you on twitter or Facebook, but we’d love for you to follow us at either @blast900 or http://www.facebook.com/blast900 to see how different we really are!! we guarantee we are not a rip off, we are the deal real. true cardio interval training.