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Going out on a school night…. :-/

February 29th, 2012 No Comments


I used to go out on weeknights all the time. During my NYC days, it was part of our networking strategy!

But now…

Not so much.

I like being fed and to bed early. Even if it means I’m working overtime until 2,3,4 in the morning.

The daytime sun has won over this night owl, so I prefer to enjoy them to the fullest working, exercising, socializing, errands, whatever.

I’d like to think I can still throw down until the wee hours dancing the night away…I guess I’m thankful I had a full decade (18-28) full of that.

Something about the hangover though. It comes on quicker and stays longer, ruining the daytime I love so much.

My lifestyle is about to be turned on its head at SXSW in Austin I’m sure. CES was only 4 days and that was a challenge!

I should not be whining. I’m happy to be dressed up, makeup on, fresh highlights in my hair, hot heels on. Woo hooo! That’s what my heart says.

My body and mind says, “get that stuff off before you leave the house and cuddle up in bed with your sweet puppy.”

Heart wins tonight. I’ll let you know how my head feels in the morning.



My mom surprised me with a lovely birthday dinner. Friends from my 30 years were around the table; pictures we took were scattered on top; stories and presents were passed around; cupcakes were devoured after bottles of champagne.

It was a fun night. My heart is overwhelmed, and thankfully my head isn’t throbbing.

Just one more example that mamma knows best.

Thank you Mom and Kris for such a wonderful celebration. X

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