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When you don’t have time to do it yourself

February 29th, 2012 No Comments

Hire a TaskRabbit!

It’s like Angie’s list for the digital savvy shopper.  Love it!

Ok, well, I can’t say I love it because I haven’t tried it, but it sounds amazing.  I miss the days of having a part-time assistant…I suppose I could hire a rabbit for a day or two… I wonder if they do data input….

Of course, there’s a catch.  At this point, TaskRabbits are only hopping around these cities:

BostonSF Bay AreaNew York City
ChicagoLA & OCAustin
PortlandSeattleSan Antonio

(coming soon to Dallas)

But it seems like you could hire someone remotely for many tasks other than dirty laundry.  If you’re in one of those cities and need some extra cash, you can sign up to be helper too!

Thanks to @Baldwin for the intro.  I asked him if he hires someone to stand in line for him @FranklinBBQ in Austin (apparently the best BBQ on the planet) that boasts a huge line and is sold out by 10am.  He replied “of course, that’s what @TaskRabbit is for.”

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