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Keep your eyes open for your outdoor exercise options

March 5th, 2012 No Comments

It’s funny this is the first picture I’m posting from the unbelievably gorgeous W Resort in Koh Samui Thailand.   Another thing you can’t see from this picture is the 80 degree heat and 99% humidity!  (As a native Houstonian, the intensity felt normal to me, but I would never request it.)

Most days I woke up early from jet lag, hit the gym for an hour, and then went to the most impressive and extensive breakfast buffet I’ve ever seen.  To get to the main building, I had to walk up both of these inclines above, the one on the left is much steeper than the one on the right.  On the very first day I thought to myself, “this will be a great place to do cardio one day.”  It took me four days to get around to actually running these hills, and the workout proved to be my best of the vacation.

My point is that you walk on, by, up, or down possible exercise “facilities” every day. You should use them to change up your routine and enjoy the outdoors!

My friend’s steep driveway and incline culdesac (ehem Susan) is the perfect example of my Koh Samui situation in real life.

Here’s how I created a workout:

I ran up the “gentle” incline 10 times as fast as I could and then jogged back down.  This worked my quads, calves and core and took me to exhaustion.

Then, to give my quads and heart rate a break, I lunged up the steeper incline. Pushing through my heels, I accessed my hamstrings and glutes.

After 10 sets of lunges, I ran up the steep incline 10 times to push myself to my limit.

Finally, I went down to the bottom of the gentle incline and ran up to the top of the steep incline.  Ahhhhhh!  (I was moaning in exhaustion by the end.) In total, the workout lasted about 25 minutes.  It was REALLY hot, so it took a little longer than expected.

I then hit the gym to lift shoulders for 30 minutes and topped off the morning with a fresh breakfast of pineapple, broccoli in broth, and poached eggs.

I know it’s hard to look for these opportunities, but they are valuable for challenging your body’s strength and your mind’s ability to stand in your way.

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