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Angles and Reps: Toning Your Inner Thighs Edition

March 12th, 2012 6 Comments

This round of exercises from Cederick my trainer proved to tighten my inner thighs in 2 weeks!  Remember, I also spin, do yoga, and lift regularly, as well as eat with a healthy conscious so that all helps too :)

You’ll notice most of the movements are the same as what you would do to work your glues.  The difference is the positioning of your feet and your focus. The challenge here is to NOT use your glutes as much as your inner thighs to control the movement.

Remember the principle:  lighter weight + lots of reps + multiple angles that target same muscle group.  For each exercise,  you’re going to do a set of 20.  I’ll complete one round on a day when I’m lifting chest or back.  See those angle and rep exercises here.

Wide Leg LOW Incline Squats


Put the same amount of weight on the machine as you would with a normal squat.  Place your feet low on the platform with your feet turned out wide as I have above.  Lower your legs down farther than feels comfortable and then push up through your heels.

Side Lunges with Weights

*Click for a bigger picture*

Let me break this one down for you:

  1. Stand tall with the weights in hand (Grab moderately heavy weights.  I have 8 lbs here.  Due to my sensitive lower back, I keep it light in this exercise.)
  2. Lunge far out to one side, allowing your lower body to come down to your knee and the weights to go on either side of your foot.
  3. Pressing on the inside of your foot and squeezing your inner thigh, push back up to standing tall.
  4. Repeat for the other side.

Adductor Squeezes

Yeah, I hate this one.  I dislike it first because it’s just tedious and mechanical.  Then of course, it sucks to spread your legs wide open for the gym to see.  But, whatever, it’s necessary.

I do 80 lbs, squeezing for 1 minute.


Sumo Squats

I’m sure you’ve done these before.  Instead of pushing with your glutes, squeeze with your inner thighs to push you up.  Also focus on keeping your shoulder blades pulled together and chest high. I use a 20 lb weight.


Leg Raises


Your thighs should be engaged and getting tired at this point.  This simple leg lift will help you tone and rest.  Lay down as I have above and raise your leg with your inner thigh trying not to use your glutes.  Do 20 reps then turn your toe out and do 20 more.  Repeat for the other leg.


Side Leg Raises with Weights

The positioning on this one is awkward so just find something that feels comfortable. Move your bottom leg forward and steady a light weight with your hand.  Honestly, you might not even need the weight.  Straighten your leg, relax your foot, and use your heel to lead your leg up.  Do as many as you can, 20 being the minimum.

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  • Hi Mary-
    In the photo of you demonstrating the side leg raises, I noticed the TRX suspension trainers in the background. Have you ever tried any TRX workouts? I’m going to my second TRX session today, and I’d love to hear your thoughts/opinions on it. Thanks!

    • Hey Layne,

      I have tried TRX! In fact I did a video demo last year with Kelley the trainer. You can search it on the right menu bar.

      I like incorporating it into my routine, but doing a whole hour doesn’t really get the job done for me. But if it works for you, great!

  • Caroline

    I will try this for the next 3 weeks. Thanks Mary !

  • Amy

    It’s posts like this one that keep me subscribing to your blog. (I have Bon Appetit subscription and know to substitute whole wheat flour. The cookie post wasn’t that interesting.) Posts like this one are great. Very useful. Thanks.

  • focus on your inner thighs

    Mary Rambin

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    Suggest me awesomeness exercise
    i am feeling not comfortable with belly i am weighting for your beautiful suggestion which can change my structure

  • Marilyn Rambin

    Love your blog and have passed on to lots of our family and friends! keep up the good work cousin…