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Kelly Ripa isn’t a Gwenyth when it comes to food

March 22nd, 2012 No Comments


I have always looked at Kelly Ripa as my “arm idol.” At times she’s been a little over-toned (and thin) in my opinion, but her arms have a nice shape. Over the years, I’ve worked my way to something close I believe. My spin class loves my 7 minute arm section in which I guide them in the same direction saying, “Alright, we are after Kelly Ripa arms.”  When new people look at me like I’m crazy, I jump to Jennifer Aniston and that usually wins them over.

The question is, how did she get there and maintain it?

I’m sure there are articles everywhere, but right now on bon appetit Kelly is on the homepage with the headline “What does Kelly Ripa eat for breakfast?” I couldn’t help myself and clicked through.

I’ll save you the time to read it.  Here are the good parts.  She:

  • Falls for food fads and eats what she believes is “supposed to be healthy.”
  • Considers snacking to be her vice, loving gold fish and Think Thin bars.
  • Appears to feel her digestion so she prefers to eat after the show and a workout instead of before.
  • Drinks a cappuccino with half and half in the morning and eats granola and yogurt for breakfast after the show.
  • Cooks breakfast for her kids every morning.
  • Treats Mark to breakfast in bed on the weekends. (Allegedly ;)
  • Exercises 7 days a week.

Well, there you go.  Not quite perfect, but close enough. She eats what she likes and exercises a lot.  My body needs at least one day off. The good news is we can still eat gold fish and be toned, right?!  I’ll just put this green juice down then and grab an Odawalla bar!


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