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What to pack when you don’t have time to think

March 23rd, 2012 No Comments

I’ve been in this situation a million times so I can tell you it never gets any easier.

Usually when the clock strikes 11 the night before I leave,  I see my empty suitcase, and I just melt. Sh!t.  “I’ve saved packing until the last minute, and I can’t take everything I want to in that little f-ing carry-on,” I think to myself.

When it seems like there is no hope in sight for being strategic about packing, I unconsciously go to work in this order:

  1. Turn on Bravo: ridiculous drama makes my situation seem not so bad.
  2. Consider how many days I can exercise and pack for those days minus 1 (I can usually re-wear a couple things because I don’t sweat a lot in hotel gyms.)
  3. Pack my underwear: 1 Hanky Panky/day, an Assets cami, a Charlotte Ruse long tank, maybe a bra, socks.
  4. Grab my favorite daytime ensemble of the moment.
  5. Choose between one of three pairs of dark denim jeans for nighttime.
  6. Pick two verstaile night outfits.
  7. Asses my daily activities and pull basic outfits for each day.
  8. Throw in a couple extra tops that go with jeans.
  9. Choose one daytime flat, one evening heel, workout shoes, flip flops/Uggs.
  10. Pack all of my favorite jewelry pieces I can fit into my case. OR! I barely take any jewelry at all.

For traveling, I love American Apparel clothes because they don’t wrinkle and you can reinvent them a million different ways with accessories.  That’s not front page news, but it’s noteworthy for those of you who are shopping early for vacations right now.  If only I could upload pics right now I’d show you this short LBD with a cutout in the back that I’ve worn a million different ways.

Bottom line: you shouldn’t over-pack because you’re rushed. Follow the outline above, pack a few extras and you’ll be able to close your bag easily!

Alrighty then, time to set this bad boy in motion. Night!

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