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My handbook to discovering Asia

March 30th, 2012 3 Comments

Visiting cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok could have been a complete disaster had we not brought along Luxe Guides ($9.99) for each.  These are not your standard Fodor’s, Michelin, Lonely Planet type 400 page books.  In these fold-out, panel “brochures,” you’ll find the EXACT information on where to go, stay, eat, drink, and dance like a local.  Literally, it’s like a cool kid is holding your hand, taking you on an excursion.

After using 2 of them, I’m telling you you don’t have to second guess their recommendations.  The day tours for “shopping” took me exactly where I wanted to go, and the dinners were extraordinary.

I would write city guides for Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City, but honestly, these are right on the money and come with a mobile app!

What I will add about these two cities:  you don’t need to stay in the luxury hotel and it’s safe to eat the street food.  Leave your expectations at the door, and enjoy every step, no matter where you end up.

Two other references I think are noteworthy:

Wall Paper* City Guides tell you the hot spots and include photos.  However, they don’t include the location’s proximity to others or step-by-step guides.

Daily Secret is a email newsletter that tells you the insider scoop for parties, sales, specials for that day and week in selected cities.  (Those of you living in the cities they feature – San Fran, Paris – should absolutely sign up!)

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  • In Ho Chi Minh City, you must eat at Pho Hoa on Pasteur street. :-)

  • Tiffany H.

    Hi Mary, love your blog! I emailed you last week inquiring if your friend still had that LV tote for sale from your December post. Is it still available?

  • tamarie

    Just bought their mobile app for Venice. Looking forward to using it on my trip there this week :)