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What’s your favorite “running” shoe right now??

April 2nd, 2012 4 Comments

Nike totally messed me up by discontinuing the Nike Free 5.0.  I hate it when companies discontinue my favorite thing.

Anyway, I bought a pair of Nike Lunar somethings.  Love the support and cushion they offer in my workouts, but they feel like cinder blocks on my feet when I run.

I’m looking for something flexible and light weight.  Any suggestions??


Here’s what my tumblr readers had to say.

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  • Jo

    Have you tried the Reebok Real Flex?

  • Rebecca

    I know very few people who prefer Nike for running. I’m a fan of Asics, but if you prefer lightweight (a true minimalist shoe), Saucony Kinvara has a great reputation. Next shoe I may try is the Brooks Trance – it received glowing reviews all around in the shoe guide recently published in Runners World.

    • When it comes to running, you are the expert Rebecca! Thanks for the tips!

  • sandeep sharma

    For me, Nike hurt my feet, when I run longer than 3K. I stopped using them 10 yrs ago. They look stylish and colorful, but thats about it.
    Brooks, Saucony and Asics last well for me. I usually wont keep running shoes more than 500 miles, or when I start feeling pain, or shocks in my knees and shins. I have been using Asics Keyano Gel 17 which come with Gel soles for the past few years. They are great for people who supernate and pronate as myself. They a re fairly light made from mesh, and excellent for running on threadmill or concrete, as they provide great support all round. I usually pick a few pairs up on sale for $89-$99 at Sport Authority. I stopped buying running shoes online. I definitely will never buy them on Ebay. 99% time they are fake, shipped direct from China.