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So jealous of her just-threw-it-up ‘do.

April 3rd, 2012 1 Comment


I saw this girl sitting on the curb as we were waiting in line for Fiona Apple at SXSW in Austin (where boho chic thrives).

When I asked her how she did it, she looked at me and said politely with her eyes, “Is she serious,” and actually responded, “I just threw it up.”

Well, of course she did! Ugh, I can never pull this together, no matter how long I try.

The best part was when I asked if I could snap a few pics and the guys next to her started laughing. Then when they realized I was serious they were all impressed with her. She was graceful about the whole thing, which is why she is truly a natural beauty :)

Long story long. Love her hair. Great look for spring. If you make it happen, let us know how you did it please!

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  • julia

    pulling your hair back, you twist & twist until its tight & roll it up so its going along your head…’french boho bun’ :)