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Good music always delivers

April 15th, 2012 No Comments


Recently I’ve been so enamored with artists who deliver amazing energy I can shake it to, I’ve neglected the singer/songwriters. Last night I sank into the sweetness of Shane Hines (above) and the guitar greatness of Pat McGee (below), who sounds like Steven Kellogg and rips it like John Mayer.

We went on a whim with an open mind and weren’t disappointed.

I feel like it’s hard to commit to something so mellow….why is that…

Kinda like yoga or pilates instead of a high intensity workout. Or a well-rounded salad instead of a steak. Well, that might be a stretch :)

Anyway, per usual, the singer/songwriters served up entertaining performances that satisfied my soul.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend too!


Eddie’s Attic, Dectaur/Atlanta, GA

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