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5 Reasons you’ll love Sid Mashburn for your man’s style.

April 17th, 2012 No Comments

Just as straight men are learning they like the look of cuffed jeans, the time is prime for you to start buying Sid Mashburn.

  1. His style is clean and classic with a modern twist.  The clothes look traditional so they’re not too edgy or unapproachable for men.
  2. The accessories are one-of-a-kind, affordable, and make an ensemble.
  3. Fabrics are high quality and limited.
  4. Shopping in his store is so much fun.
  5. Preppy is THE trend right now!

In my styling years, I heard about Sid Mashburn in passing.  Every man in fashion I’ve met reveres him.  Which is why it was hard for me to believe Sid opened his one and only store in Atlanta! Finally I met the man himself and he exceeded all of my expectations.  Such a nice guy! And his energy supersedes his style, if you can believe it.

Sid’s style is what I call “sophisticated hipster” which is blatantly obvious by the young, stylish, and slender men he has dressed to a t working for him.  His clothes look conservative on the rack, but when he puts together the layers and finishes off the details – cropping pants short, rolling up cuffs, adding off-colored pocket squares, and reinventing the simplest of functional accessories – the ensemble comes together to look quite GQ.  You would never think gingham or houndstooth could look so chic!

As they say, and you’ll see,

“Our experience as a designer and an editor has encouraged us

to offer high-quality, authentic things not found together today

— a collection of essential items offered from our perspective.”

Below are few snapshots I took last time I stopped in.  When asked about spring trends, the boys in the shop said they’re loving: white jeans, pink sport shirts, neon, and colored shorts.

All of the classic pieces in the store come together differently for each man that tries them on.  The key to making the outfit special is in the accessories.

A few of the casual pieces seem a little pricey (example: colored shorts at $125) if you’re comparing them to J.Crew, but the sport shirts start at $145, which is reasonable for the prints and quality.  Belts,  with handmade changeable straps and unique buckles, start at $75 (isn’t that gold buckle above amazing?!). The jeans they feature are Levi’s and APC, both of which I love.  Those Trenton neon kicks come in several colors ($60), but I think his custom SM branded leather formal shoes are the stars of his footwear department.  Sid also just came out with his own suit which starts at $1000.

Lucky shoppers will get to experience the store, otherwise, start stalking the site for father’s day gifts.  I would say a sport shirt or belt is the best place to start.  Start collecting Sid Mashburn slowly, in pieces. You should know that all of his clothes are limited because he doesn’t make a huge run of each pattern.  You gotta respect him for that.

(Photo of Sid via. He wasn’t in the store when I came back with my camera to snap the rest.)

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