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Don’t throw these things away! Use them in a new way.

April 25th, 2012 No Comments

Clever tips I’ve collected from all over the place:

1.  Cereal boxes for drawer organizers. Cut the top off and just use the bottom!

2.  Shoe boxes for storage and possibly pops of color. (Fendi’s solid yellow is my fave!)

3.  Expired credit cards are great to scrape crap out of the microwave and off the counter.

4.  Unmatched socks can be slipped on your hand and used for dusting.

5.  Chopsticks can be used as prongs for the toaster or to wrap ribbon around when you’re storing it.

6.  Cans, jars, and bottles (with the labels removed) work well as vases, pen holders, and organizers. (Examples from my collection here.)

7.  Put a dryer sheet and water in a dirty pan overnight to remove burned food.

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