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May 3rd, 2012 1 Comment

I’ve never seen peaches look so good!  Case and point I need to hit up the farmer’s market more often instead of Whole Foods.

I’m a proud consultant at this moment, seeing my client, Roots Bistro Houston, incorporating blogging into their daily routine.  Check out their tumblr here. Now if I could JUST get Chef German to write down some recipes, we’d really be in business.  Although I can’t blame him, nor do I want to hinder his momentum in opening up a full-fledged juice bar – Houston’s FIRST to my knowledge – next door to the bistro!

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  • SFer

    Hi Mary, Been following you a long time and love your blog. Just want to point out that it’s “case in point” (not “case and point”). No snark meant at all — really enjoy your posts!!