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Real Fashionistas Are Going Nude

May 15th, 2012 2 Comments

After watching the Fashion Police review of the atrocious Met ball gowns last night, I think the actresses would have been better off naked!  Of course I’m kidding…

What I’m really implying with the title is that fashionable women are neglecting color and opting for shades of nude, combining creme, beige, khaki, gold, and pewter to create super soft and sophisticated spring looks.  It’s my favorite go-to right now.

My latest client, interior designer and Christmas specialist Regina Gust, strut her gorgeous stuff into our meeting wearing this flawless ensemble the other day. I love the draped silk and asymmetry of the Helmut Lang dress that she can reinvent a million different ways with accessories.  Here she’s paired it with a leather-woven pearl necklace, bracelets around her watch, neon pink nails, and python Choos for a casual and funky daytime look.  The women of Houston and Atlanta LOVE to “funk up” their classics.  That’s been my MO for years now; being a gypsy forces you to accessorize.  I have to say,  it’s refreshing to see women get dressed being fashion-conscious, instead of corporate scared, especially living in Houston.

Finally, I’m sure you notice her glow and confidence, the true beauty you can carry even in your workout gear, is her passion for her business.  Loving what you do makes all the difference in any and every ensemble!

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  • Yup

    I’m not sure this will have any impact, but Mary, you do realize that “gypsy” is considered to be an offensive slur in some circles?

    • People who find and use the term gypsy as offensive don’t understand the meaning or freedom of the lifestyle. I have also called myself a gypsy for years so I believe I can use the term as I see fit.