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May 22nd, 2012 No Comments

To my closet.

Top left clockwise:  BCBG teal silk blouse, Parker silk blouse, J Brand jeans, BCBG silk shorts.  From Tootsies.  All are versatile and transition easily from day to night!

Not pictured:  Neon green Mossimo short shorts from Target and a couple stripped tanks.  They have a huge selection of shorts right now on sale.  Also a black and white stripped cotton dress from Ralph Lauren.

To my purse.

Chanel Coco Rouge Lipstick in Plumetis (79) is my new favorite for everyday wear.  It gives my lips moisture that a gloss doesn’t and a hint of shine instead full on glossy. The liner, Boise de Rose, is a darker pink I can use to get more color at night. 

To my jewelry box.

Miguel Ases earrings from Toosties.  (I had a credit I needed to spend, can you tell!)  I’ve been a fan of Miguel Ases for years and have several pieces I adore.  The designs are unique and always draw the eye to study the intricate beading. 

To me, a change in season means updating my wardrobe.  It’s funny after I left NYC and LA, I became so much less concerned with fashion and so much more aware of versatility and comfort.  Now, summer screams jersey and loose fitting everything!  After 2 years in Houston my wardrobe is stuffed with those things, so I took the day to find pieces to class up my act. LOL.

(BTW…Crazy how much better the camera is on my iPad!)

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