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New Source for New Music

May 31st, 2012 No Comments


The Band of the Day iPad app not only helps you discover a new band and great music everyday, it also creates a playlist, “Mix Tape” of other bands just like it you can listen to while you work.

When it comes to apps, design and functionality count. BoD delivers on these levels as well.


After I discovered I love Civil Twilight on BoD, I went straight Rdio to add their album to my collection.  If you’re not on Rdio, or any music streaming cloud, you’re missing out.  Meant to replace itunes as your source for music, Rdio allows you to have unlimited music (yes, you can add ANYTHING to your collection), include your iTunes library, and sync it across all of your devices for $10 per month. That’s the cost of 1 album! If you need to own the song, you can easily buy it. It took me about 2 months to fully make the switch and understand I don’t need to own music. Now I feel so liberated to explore new bands and make tons of playlists.

Not to worry, Rdio is legit and the artists get paid for every stream. The Wall Street Journal actually just named Rdio as one of the companies that is helping to save the business of music.

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