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Per your request, my head to toes

June 19th, 2012 2 Comments

Last week when I posted my Head to Toe, I got several email requests for more info on what I wear everyday.  Honestly, I haven’t done this in a while, really since I left LA, because my outfits aren’t as exciting as they used to be.  You can imagine as a consultant who lives in the south, works from home, frequents the gym, and cooks often, I don’t get dressed up often!

I always encourage you to write me and ask questions, so now I will answer your request!

Going from top left clockwise.

Movie Night:

BBQ party:

Saturday Golf:

  • Nike tennis top
  • Assests cami
  • Nike tennis skirt
  • Havianas

I ALMOST forgot to snap this pic and jumped out of the car before we took off, hence the flip flops.  After the game I played I was anxious to get outta there :) If you’re a golfer, I highly recommend tennis clothes instead of golf apparel.  Much more comfortable and flattering.  More of my golf outfits here.

Client Dinner:

The finishing touch to this outfit was the bright pink lipstick that, for some reason (probably just that my iphone sucks), you can’t see.  If you’re going to wear dark neutral pieces, I always use a pop of color in my lipstick or jewelry.

Pretty much what I wear everyday:

Because I wear workout gear most days, I try to jazz it up a little bit so I don’t look like a total gym rat. If you’ve been with me for a while you know I love scarves.

Date Night:

  • Claudia Lobao hoops
  • Gold and lapiz heart necklace
  • BCBG dress
  • Theory long spandex tank underneath
  • Bone bracelet from Vietnam
  • Dolce Vita heels
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  • Tiffany H

    Nice! I like your mix of high and low priced items.

  • I love these looks, but I’ve decided you’d look great in anything! :)