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Photos from my 4th

July 9th, 2012 No Comments

A much needed holiday delivered on every level with friends in Austin and family in Houston. Hope you enjoyed yours as well!

As you know, I’m a huge fan of Austin, so we spent a few days there knocking around, partying on the lake, exploring new restaurants, seeing some  live music, playing golf, etc.  Instead of staying at a hotel, we rented a casita from AirBnBYou can see the place here.  I’ll be writing more about the experience later.  We loved it!

Below are just a few pics of me and friends.  Of course there’s commentary too :)

Lake Austin - Texas
Fourth of July Friends
Mary Rambin and Friends 2012
Mary Rambin beer
Cain & Abel's tshirt
Franklin BBQ, Austin TX
Texas Tipsy Sandwich at Franklin BBQ Austin TX

I have to interject here.  Franklin BBQ, said to be THE BEST by most food critics including those at Bon Appetit (read their article here) did not meet my expectations.  Admittedly, we did get the short end of the stick because we go there so late in the day; they were out of all things pork.  The owner himself, Aaron Franklin, prepared his famous Texas Tipsy sandwich himself for us, but the brisket wasn’t as good as that at Salt Lick or Goode Co in my native Texas opinion.

Foreign and Domestic is another critic favorite that didn’t live up to our expectations.  The menu sounds interesting, but the food doesn’t deliver for a sit-down meal.  If it was served out of a food cart as it had been originally, I would have been impressed. But I’m guessing they weren’t charging $17 a pop for a warm salad back then.

Below is a pic from the back patio of Easy Tiger – a bakery and beer joint downtown that packs in a local crowd regularly. With 70+ beers on tap, solid food, good music under the stars, and a ping pong table all in the open air, what’s not to like!

Per usual though, the breakfast tacos were my fave.  We found this little truck outside Once Over Coffee Bar.  Their cappuccino blows away Bouldin Creek cafe where there is something fishy about the water and the baristas have a tendency to over-steam the milk.
Easy Tiger patio. Austin, TX
Breakfast Tacos Food Cart Austin TX

After all of the eating and drinking, a little exercise was much needed.  I decided to go out of my comfort zone and ride a bike like it’s supposed to be ridden on the road.  An outdoor ride in the relentless heat was out of the question.   Mellow Johnyy’s, Lance Armstrong’s bike shop, has a training facility in the basement where pros teach you how to improve your ride. Totally different than my spinning class and mentally very challenging.
Mellow Johnny's Training Facility: Pedal Hard - Austin TX

At home it was nice to have Leven back in town for a couple of days.  Right now she’s shooting a kid’s movie in New Orleans.  Since she’ll be back next week, she left her dog Sookie with me.  He’s such a lover.  I’ve missed cuddling with him like we used to in LA!
Leven Rambin and Mary Rambin 2012
Mary Rambin and Sookie

That’s about it.  Totally relaxing and fun.  Now it’s time to get back to work.  I’ll have a video tomorrow for you explaining what’s going on with the blog.


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