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All shoe departments in NYC are not created equal

August 7th, 2012 2 Comments


Therefore, shop them all :)

The latest and greatest on the island is Barney’s new shoe floor (above) to compete with Sak’s offering that bears its own zip code.  I wasn’t that impressed, and the lady helping me agreed their selection was a bit boring. Overall, Saks wins in terms of variety for me.  Barneys has more unique styles, but you have to want to go out on the edge, which is where I often venture.  Bergdof plays in the middle somewhere.  Due to how many shoes I’ve bought from Bergdorf, it has a soft place in my heart.

If you know your goal then you only need to hit one or two shoe department. Here’s my list on where to shop for your specific goals:

  • Saks – When you don’t know what designer or style you’re looking for – winter sale is the best time to shop
  • Bergorf Goodman – Wben you’re ready to spend $700+ on a fabulous shoe – best designer shoe sale in town in winter
  • Barneys  – When you’re looking for something unique and don’t mind throwing down $$ for it
  • Loheman’s 8th Ave or UWS – best high-end designer discount
  • DSW – middle-range to low end designer discounted shoes.  Great place for basics or something adventurous.



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  • Ali

    Filene’s Basement Union Square closed ages ago. The fact that you do not know this makes me question this post and your authority on the topic.