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Get YourName@Outlook.com ASAP!!

August 13th, 2012 1 Comment

Guess who is throwing themselves back in the ring with Google ladies and gentlemen: Microsoft.

Microsoft completely converted Hotmail to Outlook and the service is said to be “bloody brilliant” according to Gizmodo. They say, “Microsoft has poured serious brainpower into making Outlook the most functional web client ever seen. So many functions.”  Additionally it looks sleek and feels good to use.  They recommend we all just try it.  Screw the Hotmail stigma and forward your current account over to see if you like it.  Setting up an account and transferring your email is quick and painless.

Do it fast so you get your real name!!!

For all the details on the functionality of Outlook.com, read Gizmodo’s article here.


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  • K

    Thanks for posting this Mary – I have a VERY common name and it’s impossible for me to get email addresses in my name. Scooped one up on outlook thanks to you!