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A Pinterest-like reminder list enhanced with discount alerts

August 22nd, 2012 No Comments

Clipix is a new website that allows you to “CLIP” things you want to remember to do or buy.  When you see it, you’ll think, “that’s just like Pinterest” because it’s based on pictures and links.  Or you can align it with ReadIt or Pocket.  The purpose of this site is the same: keep track of things you want. However, they’ve added features you’ll love!


You can also collaborate with friends or family on a mutual project like vacations or Christmas lists.  There is a mobile app that allows you to clip things from your browser and photo library as well.  I use this the most.

What I like is that my Clipix is private, unlike my Pinterest boards that I hope you follow and find helpful.  It’s become my personal to do list :)

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