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NYFW just isn’t my style anymore

September 11th, 2012 No Comments

You can imagine that after 6 seasons of New York Fashion Week – 12 hours a day at the tents during the day and 5 hours of editing at night for 7 days straight in 4 inch YSL Tribute pumps chronicling and streaming commentary on clothing – that I’m a little burned out with the whole fiasco.  So much to the point I don’t really follow it anymore, with the exception of flipping through magazines and clicking through links on my tumblr dashboard.   Somehow I get the information…like men know every sports statistic after having on Sports Center in the background for an hour.

(BTW, in the photo on the right I’m sitting next to Martha Stewart.  I was so shocked at the time I could barely blog.  Somehow I found words to make small talk.  She even laughed a few times.  I mean, I made a convict and queen of an empire laugh! It was truly one of the most exciting moments of my life. I don’t think I need to explain why.  The designers in the center are Max Azria and Jill Stuart.)

Fashion evolution has seemingly almost come to a halt in these hard economic times.  Although, according to a story I heard on NPR the other day, the only thing that hasn’t declined in our consumer culture is luxury good sales.  In terms of fashion, “trends” stick around for countless seasons now (Even WWD sees “repitition.”) to the point that everything seems to be “in.”  Classic and simple is just as catching as bold and accessorized.  You can wear flats or heels, chunky fabrics or tailored blends, blinged-out beaded numbers or jersey tops, natural or striking makeup, a small messenger bag or an over-sized tote.  Whatever goes as long as you rock it with confidence.

Runway fashion can be inspiring with its over-the-top ensembles.  You can pick and choose the little tricks and trends you want to adopt.  But those never really make it to “the street.”  On the contrary, street fashion pushes trends more these days if you ask me, especially on a local level.  Furthermore, I haven’t really seen anything “awesome” in the photos.  That’s the big difference between being AT the show and seeing pictures.  You can’t translate that wow factor.  It’s sad to say but the most exciting picture I’ve seen from the shows has been this one.  I would wear this Carolina Herrera shoe!

So, I’m a little jaded.  And I live in the south, Atlanta of all places, where fashion is practically suffocating beneath Tory Burch and Louis Vuitton branding.  And I’m happy to go along with the simplicity in my own little outfits which mostly include workout gear, simple dresses, and skinny jeans.  I love the no hassle attitude of the lifestyle!

All of that being said, I do love the runway show itself where you are enveloped by so many wow factors.  Getting to see the hand-made pieces grace the runway in itself is truly mesmerizing.  I’m sure you’ve been watching in your own way.  Tumblr for me is the easiest place to get all the news.  Every fashionista and her sister has a tumblr and are live-blogging now.  WWD still is my go-to. MusingsandFemininity has good coverage as well.

On tumblr I found Bureau Betak’s blog showing the inside scoop on the shows they produced: DVF, Derek Lam, and Lacoste.  By the looks of this pic Alexandre (above with DVF) has incorporated some crazy spectacle we won’t be able to see via stream.  With or without fancy technology, I always loved her show.

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