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BEWARE: Not all iPhone5 phones are created equal

September 19th, 2012 1 Comment

Even if I am perusing iPhone 5 features, reading tech reviews of products is ridiculously boring.  Not one of my resources simply outlines the facts and then offers the extensive details.  So, I’ve done the leg work and amassed a list for you here of what you need to know about the new iPhone.  Most critics agree, it’s amazing and the best upgrade yet.  However, there is some truly disappointing news I didn’t want to hear.

The Good!

  • 4G LTE which means faster data service, possibly faster than your wifi at home
  • A6 processor and iOS 6 makes everything load faster
  • Super lightweight “it almost doesn’t seem real” – 18% thinner and 20% lighter
  • A 4 inch longer screen (that will fit 16:9 video so no more letter-boxing)
  • The back is now aluminum instead of glass
  • Battery lasts longer, even with the new 4G LTE on
  • Low-light photography enhancements and Panorama mode on the camera
  • The front-facing camera is now HD 720p for better pics and crisp video
  • Headphone connector on the bottom
  • Better speakers
  • New Apple maps that allow for turn-by-turn navigation while you drive, appears on lock screen, and alerts you if you’re in another app
  • Flyover is a 3D version of maps that most people seem very impressed with
  • Passbook is a new Apple app that will store all of your membership information.

The Telegraph says, “Benchmarking with the Geekbench app has shown that the iPhone 5 is not just faster than the iPhone 4S but it also outperforms Samsung’s Galaxy S3.”

The Bad…

  • The camera is still 8 megapixels and not quite as good as a DSLR point-and-shoot
  • New Apple maps does not have transit direction
  • If you’re a one-handed typer, you’re going to have trouble reaching the top left corner of the screen, where the back button is located.
  • The front glass is thinner.  I wonder if this makes it even MORE prone to cracking.
  • Sprint is the only carrier with unlimited data ($99/month) unless you’ve been grandfathered into unlimited with AT&T (thankfully that’s me!)

The Ugly :(

  • If you are on Verizon or Sprint, you can’t talk and use data at the same time!!!  This might not be news to you Verizon users, but I was shocked it hear it when I considered switching from AT&T to Verizon. This alone will keep me with AT&T.
  • You can’t use your old accessories to dock or charge the phone.  You’ll have to get an adapter for the new Lightening connector. One comes with the phone, but we all know that’s not enough.

(Information sourced from Gizmodo, Techcrunch, and CNET.)

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  • Hi Mary- thank you so much for gathering all the intelligence!! I’m grandfathered into an unlimited data plan for Verizon iPhone 4–did you happen to read whether I’d still get that if I make the switch? … Also, the million dollar question is whether you’ve decided to make the switch! :)