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Her story is frightening, her recovery is a miracle. Let’s help Lydia!

October 3rd, 2012 2 Comments

After being raped, beaten, and doused in bleach, Lydia Tillman was able to escape her burning apartment by jumping out of a second-story window.  She then crawled behind a bush and waited for the firemen to come rescue her. But her battle was not over.  On her way to the hospital, she suffered a stroke that resulted in nerve damage.  Her doctor says she really shouldn’t have survived.

The story sends chills down my spine.  Women are being attacked by the minute and even with all of the precautions we take, it never seems to be enough.  Lydia tucked herself into bed after a fireworks show on the 4th of July and was awoken by her attacker on top of her.  It’s a terrifying thought.

Her attacker, Travis Forbes, has been convicted and sentenced to life for the murder of his previous victim and received 48 more years for Lydia’s assault.  At his trial, he said, “I’m somewhere, deep down (messed) up, evil.”

Thankfully Lydia survived and has been able to heal. She’d made great progress thanks to procedures funded by victim’s recovery fund.

One procedure remains – the reconstruction of her jaw – that will cost $65,000.

Her brother, Jacob Tillman,  has taken to social stage to crowd source the money.  I was made aware of the story on twitter by @tgraydar, an editor @FastCompany, who told me he would take whatever workout class I wanted if I would help spread the word.  Of course I read the Fast Company article and was instantly activated, reaching out to everyone I know.

We need only to consider how difficult it would be to not chew food for the rest of our life to reach into our wallet and contribute ANY AMOUNT to her surgery. I know we can make a difference.

(Lydia’s story sourced from Fast Company, NY Daily News, and Denver Post)

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  • I gotta figure out where I can get this workout class now. Please. No Zumba. Don’t do that to me.

    • Lol.

      BLAST900.com – best workout of your life buddy