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Get up off your knees woman!

October 8th, 2012 No Comments

I used to do pushups on my knees simply because I didn’t think I was strong enough to do a real one.  Then one day my trainer told me I was.  Hmm, ok….  Before I knew it, I did 5 real push ups.  Soon I was up to 10, then 20.  Now I can do about 40 (50 on a good day) before I need a rest.

So now I’m passing on the confidence to you.  


In this video, Stephen shows you a technique to help you make the transition from your knees to your toes.  There is a middle ground where you can build the strength and confidence!

Changing your body is all about challenging it in a new way.  If we do the same exercises we’re going to look the same.

This is one of the reasons I LOVE BLAST900 and why I keep using their workouts as an example.  That, and you always want to know how I stay in shape.  I’ve never done the same workout twice and I learn new exercises every time I walk in the door.  So when I’m at the gym or traveling, I can add in some of their moves to keep my workout challenging and, more importantly, interesting.

For more fitness how-to’s and nutrition advice, you know you can always come here and search the archives (use the navigation above).  I’m also now helping the BLAST900 team on their blog.  Go there, follow them @BLAST900 on twitter and like them facebook for tips.  I post one for them EVERYDAY!

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