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Do you know the difference between red lipstick and red lipstick?

October 9th, 2012 1 Comment


Fall makeup this year is about bold eye colors – green in particular – and red lips. Finding the right red can be tricky, so here are some helpful tips:

  1. If you wear cool color eyeshadows (blues, purples, and gray), wear a red with a blue hue like the picture on the left.
  2. If you wear warm colored eyeshadow (brown, bronze, gold, orange), wear a red with an orange hue like the picture on the right.
  3. With green eyeshadow, you can go either warm or cool, but I say ditch the red and opt for a mauve or nude so your eyes pop.
  4. For a natural look with a bold lip, try something more mauve instead of red.
  5. Buy one bold red lipstick and manipulate it with different lip liner. This way you can change the color (and even the hue) depending on your outfit.
My favorite brands for red lipstick: Tom Ford (Tainted Love, Scarlet Rouge, or Cherry Lush, the one I own, is warm), Jouer (Simone, which looks warm to me), Chanel, and Revlon. As I said, you really only need one tube to last for years (unless you’re Meghan Asha who pulls it off everyday!) so make the splurge. If you go to a department store, one of the artists can help you as well.
If you’re not ready to make the big leap to blaring red, try Jouer’s Elizabeth which is still bold, but not as aggressive.
A couple thoughts on application:
  1. For best saturation and endurance, apply with a lip brush.
  2. Create a pouty lip by lining your lips with a darker liner over the red lipstick. Darken from sides and bottom, leaving the middle part of your lip bright red. Apply a clear coat of gloss on top and DO NOT rub your lips together.
  3. Click here for my secret to long-lasting lucious lips while out at night!

UPDATE: Refinery29 posted a very helpful guide today on How To Chose A Red Lipstick .

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