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The part that sucks….but works!

October 11th, 2012 1 Comment


Portion control. I have never counted fat grams, calories, carbs, none of it. I just ate what I wanted when I was hungry or swore off sweets. In those days, I was constantly hungry and eating all the time.  Well, that’s all changed….and I’m so much better off!

You know I’ve been on this nutrition program that is supposed to create a a lifestyle where I can eat more, workout less, and feel better. The point is to train my body to burn fat because even though we eat more carbs, what we don’t burn gets stored as fat.  Even though I haven’t followed her programs to the letter (I still drink way too many calories and indulge in desserts often), it has really made a huge difference for me. The key has been portion control. Hillary came up with my portions based on my activity level.

At every meal AND snack, I need to consume 20-30 grams of protein, 25-30 grams of carbs, 7-10 grams of fat, which comes out to around 250-300 calories.

The next step is determining how many ounces, slices, pieces, and servings of different foods go into that. I was given two tools to do it: a Biggest Loser scale and VeniceNutrition.com software. Hillary came over and held my hand in the beginning to show me the system. It’s super easy, but also tedious to measure everything out. The great part about it is that once I weighed everything I didn’t have to do it again because I know my portion by site. Plus, I eat the same things a lot.

Let’s take breakfast for instance.  I like vanilla greek yogurt with fruit and almonds.  Now, I don’t like plain yogurt, but the flavored yogurts are high in carbs.  So I mix plain and vanilla to even out the sugar which allows me to put in more fruit.  Eight ounces of yogurt is my personal limit, so I measure out 5 ounces of 2% Vanilla and 3 ounces of Non-fat plain.


I get 2.5 ounces of pineapple (about 9 chunks) for carbs and 0.5 oz or 8 almonds for fat.

Lunch usually revolves around chicken or turkey for me.  Here’s my portion of chicken breast, so much more than I would ever eat before.


If I’m making a salad, I add fat with dressing and either feta cheese or avocado.



(We used a bad avocado so a good one wouldn’t go to waste.)

The hardest part about doing this right is when I make meals that combine ingredients, like turkey meat sauce. I haven’t gotten to the place where I know how much sauce I can have. What I do know is that if I buy a 1 pound package of turkey, I need to eat about 1/8 of what is in the pot. Since the tomatoes are high in carbs I then just put the sauce over broccoli instead of noodles so I’ll have fiber to fill me up. The only thing missing now is fat, so I get to add parmesean cheese on top! Unfortunately 6 ounces of wine puts me over my calories, but not my carbs, so I take the glass and skip dessert, which I’m not hungry for anyway!


The breakdown looks something like this on the Venice nutrition site.


(Click the image to see it bigger.)

One big thing I’ve noticed:  THE MORE RAW AND NATURAL FOOD I EAT, THE BIGGER MY PORTION TO MEET MY REQUIREMENTS.   Processed foods are so high in carbs and calories, that I can’t eat as much before I hit my limits.

It’s all still a work in progress, and maintaing the balance isn’t always easy (chips and salsa snacks!)…. But the promise of a diet-less lifestyle sounds pretty nice so I’m sticking to it!

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