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One of the best cities to visit in Europe

October 12th, 2012 2 Comments

I’ve traveled all over that continent and Prague (Praha) remains on my top 5 favorite cities.

As I visited in 2002 (to visit my BFF abroad), I don’t have pictures handy or a list of restaurants for you. Here’s what I can tell you: it’s one of the most beautiful “cities” you’ll ever see because unlike Rome or Paris, the metropolitan component lies outside of the “Old Town.” Much of the historical buildings and nature has been preserved there. Inside the buildings you’ll find your favorite stores, innovative restaurants, crystal boutiques galore, and raging clubs, but walking down the streets, especially at night, you feel as though you’ve been thrown back in time.

Czech food is not the most appetizing so thankfully there are a plethora of cuisines in cafes and fine dining restaurants that will blow your mind. Oddly enough I had some decent Mexican food there. After a week of McDonald’s and chicken salad at a “Shakespeare” English cafe, I was dying for anything different.

Recently in the NYTimes, I saw a new tour guide service that features homeless men as the guides has become wildly popular. I would refer you to the Wall Paper Guide (Luxe doesn’t make one) for walking guides and Fodors for the history you’ll want to know about the city and its monuments. Above is The Charles castle and Bridge, the most notable landmark in the city and an absolute must to visit. Terezin, a concentration camp from WWII, is just outside the city and a meaningful experience if you can make it out there.

I would say the best time of year to go would be spring and fall, like most European destinations. I was there in October and it was wildly cold. Although, the leaves in the countryside were just turning orange and yellow. I honestly think walking the streets of Terezin was the first time I ever saw “fall” with my own eyes. The experience was….breath-taking…..on so many levels.

So if you hop the pond, I hope you make it to Prague. If you’re looking for a similar experience closer to Paris and London, my second choice would be Brussels, which has the same historical beauty, ridiculous chocolate, and mind-blowing beer.

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  • Amanda

    Hi – I’m a long time reader and I really love your blog. Can you please fix your typo? It’s actually Terezin (It even says so in the great link you provide with info on the camp.) It’s just a little offensive to me that you spelled it wrong. Thanks so much.

    • I apologize. I looked it up online and that’s how it was spelled.