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Tight beats to get you going – Listen cover to cover!

October 22nd, 2012 No Comments


Desperately searching for new music to fuel my workout a couple weeks ago, I found The Heist on Rdio’s “New Releases.”  I have listened to the album at least once a day cover to cover ever since!

The first song, “Ten Thousand Hours” instantly caught my attention with its light attitude.  Following is the familiar “Can’t Hold Us” that we hear on the radio.   As the songs continue, the “tight beats” grow with intensity (as did my workout). Macklemore’s lyrics don’t focus on the “good life” of luxury, sexual positions, or demoralizing women.  Instead they are introspective and passionate without being angry. For a more detailed review, go here.

Here’s the funny part: I had no idea who “The Heist” was or what they looked like.  Then my BF sent me this pic:

I would have never pictured these two clean-cut guys considering the sound of his voice or the music.  Not that it matters, I just felt like I had been on The Voice and my chair turned around to a surprising appearance.

It was love at first listen for me with The Heist and now I turn it on to get my day going, clean the house, and spin. I hop on the bike and listen to songs 1-11 for a  journey of hills, sprints, and jogs.  Use the beat on the bike or elliptical and adjust the resistance accordingly for a solid workout.

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