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Have you thought about it this way??

October 29th, 2012 4 Comments


“If it’s this bad now, imagine how bad it will be in 5, 10 years?” 

He is referring to flexibility, but IT could be anything.

This weekend I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Tony and take one of his yoga classes.  It was basic, but any yogi knows that holding poses is physically and mentally challenging. Tony claims that yoga and flexibility is the key to his fitness.  Admittedly I haven’t taken yoga in a while, but thankfully my range of motion is still pretty good.  At one point he came over to me and said, “hey, Gumbie’s sister, can you try to make this look hard?!”  I guess I was successful in keeping my cool as my legs were DYING!

After class, I went up to him to grab this pic (As you can see, Tony is just as ripped in person as he is in the videos.  It’s pretty amazing actually!) and told him that his program has changed the lives of several close friends.  With his program of muscle confusion and regimented nutrition, they shed 30/40/50 pounds and continued the lifestyle after the 90 days.  I believe it’s his different attitude towards fitness that keeps people motivated.  He doesn’t try to scare people into gaining strength, he encourages you to just get moving and then push yourself.  And he never raises his voice.  (I kinda wish that he would, but that certainly doesn’t seem to be his nature.)

P90X DVDs have always been my go-to for travel exercises when I know I won’t be near a gym. No matter which one I chose, they’re always a welcome change from my usual workout routine. As the cold weather comes down upon us (or a super storm for that matter), you should consider buying the DVDs to use at home.  You can find used sets on Amazon for as low as $80, which is much cheaper than a trainer or gym membership.  P90X 2 is supposed to be more intense, so I look forward to trying it!

Many thanks Tony!

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  • JJ

    he might want to work on his legs — they look like toothpicks.

    • Wow… Really? That level of criticism is impressive. I hope you aren’t that hard on yourself.

      • Kate

        I agree with JJ. He has chicken legs. If you’re going to work out excessively, at least try to work all body parts uniformly.

        • You guys are brutal. I wonder what you say about my non-existent ass….